Damien Delaire

I am an Engineering manager for Lydia app, which allows you to manage all your money easily, with a single app, without having to leave your bank. Before that I used to work for dailymotion as a Technical Lead for the native team & smart TV apps. And before that I used to work for a star-up called Pret d’Union (financial sector) in Paris, France as a Back-end .NET Software Engineer.

A bit more:

On my free time I like to build applications for the Windows Platform. These applications allow me to try out new features, try to prototype new idea, exchange with other programmers. Also, this gives me the opportunity to learn and improve my skills.

Too much information!

I am an early adopter, and when I am not trying to developing a new application, or implementing new features to the ones that I already ready have. I enjoy swimming, rock-climbing (when I can), sightseeing, discovering new places and learning new things.