Damien Delaire

I am a Technical Lead for the Windows Platform & Smart TV apps, working at DAILYMOTION. Before that I used to work for a star-up called Pret d’Union (financial sector) in Paris, France as a Back-end .NET Software Engineer.

I have a double masters in MSc Software Engineering with Oxford Brookes University and my MSc in Computer Science with SUPINFO Paris University. Having lived in New York State for 6 years and having finished my studies in the United Kingdom, I am bilingual in English and French.

Additional Information:

On my free time I like to build applications for the Windows Platform. These applications allow me to try out new features, try to prototype new idea, exchange with other programmers. Also, this gives me the opportunity to learn and improve my skills. You can check out my different applications in the Windows Store.

I am also stackoverflow asking questions and answering them to try and help the windows store and phone community move forward.

Even More information:

I participated in the Imagine Cup 2012 in Software Design category, Azure and Windows Phone 7, our name was called Doctor Me. We participated in the competition Imagine Cup 2012 World & National (France). More info here...

I participated in the Imagine Cup 2011 in the Windows Phone 7 category. My project passed round one of the World competition and the National competition, we were selected as French finalist and went to Paris to present our project to a jury. More info here...

I am open to any professional opportunities, please do not hesitate to contact me.